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Experience the alternate form of live action

Net Practice Contest

Perfect your game and get ready for the Match Contest

Match Time Contest

Your game is all about intelligence, predictions and expertise


We know that you hate instruction manuals, nor we expect you to read them. Read this and understand the game or skip this and play the game!

Play. Predict. Win

This is how your experience will be when you take the contest – we know that it is easy for you to start a game, you just need to tap Play Now! Everything is set, take your guard and start playing.

FanKick Premier League
Terms and Conditions

  • We consider your participation as acceptance to our terms & conditions
  • FanKick reserves right to abandon any or all of the contests without any prior notice
  • FanKick reserves right to change or abandon the contest schedule at any time
  • Result declaration and winners’ criteria is on sole discretion of FanKick and subject to change at the will of FanKick
  • Only those members who are registered with FanKick will be able to redeem/receive prizes
  • Repeated participation is not allowed, only one entry per poll
  • Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and must be taken as awarded
  • Winners will be announced immediately after the contest, however a possible delay is expected and raise no offence
  • Winners will be notified through a push notification or prize will be directly credited to winner accounts (FanKick – Fan Coins – My Passbook)
  • In case of any mishaps, where match gets abandoned or stops due to rain or any other reason - contest will be discarded. No winners will be announced
  • We welcome friendly feedback, but in case of technical issues no complaints will be entertained
  • IPL Team titles, logos, covers, images used in FanKick Premier League are subjected to copyrights of their respective teams/firms or governing bodies

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